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Political Economy of Development and Business: Towards Decolonisation, Transformation and Alternative Perspectives

Bhabani Shankar Nayak, 3031110927, 978-3031110924, 9783031110924, B0BGZ9SZK8, 978-3-031-11092-4, 978-3-031-11093-1

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This book presents an alternative, critical perspective on the political economy of development and business. The everyday issues experienced by those on the margins are examined to highlight the Eurocentric bias at the centre of development theory, public policy, and business practices. Ruling class projects within these areas are critically evaluated in order to present a vision of development that recognises pluralistic traditions and people’s everyday experiences. Eurocentric liberal myopia and its praxis are outlined in development theory, public policy, and business practices. Particular focus is given to tribal planning, needs based development, public private partnerships, modes of capital accumulation, conscious capitalism, and creative business education.

This book stands in defense of critical inquiry and pluriversal knowledge against the monolithic knowledge traditions and use of ruling class projects in development, public policy, and business ethics. It aims to explore new forms of economic transformation that are inclusive and worker led. It will be relevant to students and researchers interested in the political economy, development economics, and international business.