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Post Putin: Succession, Stability, and Russia's Future

American Foreign Policy Council, Herman Pirchner Jr., 1538131390, 978-1538131398, 9781538131398, B07QC4L61W

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English | 2023 | PDF | 2 MB | 123 Pages

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 Now  in apparent robust health, Russian President Vladimir Putin (age 66)  could remain in power for another decade or even longer. But he will not  keep power forever. From declining health to forced retirement to  assassination, a multitude of factors could force Putin to leave the  political scene and bring new leadership to Moscow. If so, who might  come to power, and what policy changes can be expected during, and  after, what may well be a protracted power struggle? Post Putin is a  prescient examination of the variables that could contribute to Putin’s  departure from political power, and the competing forces with which any  potential successor will need to contend.