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Posthuman Pathogenesis: Contagion in Literature, Arts, and Media

Başak Ağın, Şafak Horzum, 9781032264264, 9781032264288, 9781003288244, 978-1032264264, 978-1032264288, 978-1003288244

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English | 2023 | PDF

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This multi-vocal assemblage of literary and cultural responses to  contagions provides insights into the companionship of posthumanities,  environmental humanities, and medical humanities to shed light on how we  deal with complex issues like communicable diseases in contemporary  times. Examining imaginary and real contagions, ranging from Jeep and  SHEVA to plague, HIV/AIDS, and COVID-19, Posthuman Pathogenesis  discusses the inextricable links between nature and culture, matter and  meaning-making practices, and the human and the nonhuman. Dissecting  pathogenic nonhuman bodies in their interactions with their human  counterparts and the environment, the authors of this volume raise their  diverse voices with two primary aims: to analyse how contagions trigger  a drive to survival, and chaotic, liberating, and captivating impulses,  and to focus on the viral interpolations in socio-political and  environmental systems as a meeting point of science, technology, and  fiction, blending social reality and myth. Following the premises of the  post-qualitative turn and presenting a differentiated experience of  contagion, this ‘rhizomatic’ compilation thus offers a non-hierarchised  array of essays, composed of a multiplicity of genders, geographies, and  generations.