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Practical Strategies to Assess Value in Health Care

Craig A. Solid, B09V4SLR7Y, 3030951480, 978-3030951481, 9783030951481, B09V4SLR7Y, 3030951510, 978-3030951511, 9783030951511

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These days, the idea of “value” is at the center of many  activities and decisions in health care in the United States. While  there exist books that detail the technical steps for how to carry out a  specific type of value assessment, such as cost-effectiveness or return  on investment, there are few that attempt to teach healthcare  professionals how to think about value. This book provides a deeper  understanding of value as a concept as well as an endeavor (as in, to  determine or uncover the value of care) within the healthcare industry  by illustrating the different components of value that should guide  decision-making processes for policy, infrastructure, and quality  improvement. Through an exploration of theories of economics and  implementation science, as well as practical suggestions for real-world  applications, this text provides a foundation for the long and  complicated “value” journey the US has bet its entire healthcare system  on

In the US, policy to promote what is referred to as “value-based  care” is here to stay. As we move forward within this construct, we  need to move beyond the over-simplified definition of value as “quality  per dollar spent” to a more functional framework for how to think about  value that can adapt to different circumstances and points of view. Only  then will it be possible to compare value across settings, conditions,  and activities

The book consists of 9 chapters organized in four sections

  • Part I: Understanding the Challenges of Assessing the Value of Health Care  
  • Part II: A Primer on Fundamental Concepts and Current Techniques Used to Measure Value in Health Care  
  • Part III: A Discussion of the Real-world Motivations and Requirements that Should be Contemplated when Exploring Value
  • Part IV: How to Design and Perform a Value Assessment 

Practical Strategies to Assess Value in Health Care is an essential resource for healthcare professionals at all levels and  points of care who are interested in understanding how best to assess  and interpret value for a particular situation including providers,  administrators, payers, insurers, health plans, and policy-makers.