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Principles of Biomedical Sciences and Industry: Translating Ideas Into Treatments

Markus Hinder, Alexander Schuhmacher, Jörg Goldhahn, Dominik Hartl, 352734571X, 9783527345717, 978-3527345717

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English | 2022 | PDF

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Principles of Biomedical Sciences and Industry
Improve your product development skills to bring new ideas to biomedicine

The  development of innovative healthcare products, such as biodegradable  implants, biopharmaceuticals, or companion diagnostics, requires a  multi-disciplinary approach that incorporates scientific evidence with  novel and innovative ideas to create new and improved products and  treatments. Indeed, product development and the integration of science  with commercial aspects have become key challenges for scientists  working in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medtech industries.

Using  a multi-pronged approach to development, Principles of Biomedical  Sciences and Industry combines ideas and methodologies from four of the  central areas of focus in the biomedical arena: pharmaceuticals,  diagnostics, biomaterials, and medical devices. In doing so, the book  covers the entire product lifecycle, from translating a scientific idea  into a prototype to product development, launch, and management.

Principles of Biomedical Sciences and Industry readers will also find:
Several  case studies from the most important product categories  (pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, medical devices, combination  products)Chapters dealing with toxicology and safety risks in  development, as well as regulatory approval Key business aspects  including how to secure funding, managing intellectual property, and  price regulation in the marketAn ideal resource for teachers and  students that conveys the information in an easily-digestible format
Ideal  for advanced students and young professionals pursuing a career in the  biomedical and healthcare industries, Principles of Biomedical Sciences  and Industry is an essential reference for those in pharmaceutical  industry, biotechnologists, medicinal chemists, bio-engineers, pharma  engineers, and management consultants.