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Principles of Population Dynamics and Their Application by Alan A. Berryman . ISBNs: 0748740155, 978-0748740154, 9780748740154, B08M4B8Y1X

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1st Edition
by Alan A. Berryman (Author)

This book  provides an introduction to population dynamics, exploring rules that  govern change in any dynamic system and applying these general  principles to populations of living organisms. Principles of Population  Dynamics and their Application is aimed at applied ecologists, resource  managers. and pest managers. It is also aimed at undergraduate students  taking courses in forestry, fisheries, widlife and pest management.

Year: 2008
Pages: 256
Language: English
Format: PDF Scan
Publisher: Garland Science
ISBN-10: 0748740155
ISBN-13: 978-0748740154, 9780748740154