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Probability-Based Multi-objective Optimization for Material Selection

Maosheng Zheng, Haipeng Teng, Jie Yu, Ying Cui, Yi Wang, 9811933502, 9789811933509, 978-9811933509

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This book illuminates the fundamental principle and applications of  probability-based multi-objective optimization for material selection  systematically, in which a brand new concept of preferable probability  and its assessment as well as other treatments are introduced by authors  for the first time. Hybrids of the new approach with experimental  design methodologies, such as response surface methodology, orthogonal  experimental design, and uniform experimental design, are all performed;  the conditions of the material performance utility with desirable value  and robust assessment are included; the discretization treatment of  complicated integral in the evaluation is presented.

The authors  wish this work will cast a brick to attract jade and would make its  contributions to relevant fields as a paving stone.

This book can  be used as a textbook for postgraduate and advanced undergraduate  students in material relevant majors, and a reference book for  scientists and engineers digging in the related fields.