In the name of of Allah the Merciful

Production Dynamics for Life Quality in the Incipient 21st Century

Chau-kiu Cheung, 9811938261, 9789811938269, 978-9811938269

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This book addresses the life quality of the average adult in the world,  based on international data weighted according to national population  size. It rests on the theoretical framework of analytic-functionalism to  explain statics and dynamics in the production of life quality. The  statics means the influences of personal and national factors on life  quality, whereas the dynamics mean the changes in the influences over  time. This approach elucidates life quality at the personal level rather  than at the national level, which overlooks what happens to the average  person living in the world. The approach involves a broad view of the  production of life quality, including experiences, practices, and  appraisals of life. This production also involves personal background  characteristics and the national indicators of modernization,  globalization, and environmental issues. Knowledge about the production  is helpful for policymakers, researchers, students, and other people to  upgrade life quality. Such knowledge is valuable because it is  up-to-date, generalizable, and sensible based on the  analytic-functionalist theoretical framework and statistical estimation.