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Psychoanalysis and Literary Theory: An Introduction

Mathew R. Martin, 1032113154, 1032113138, 978-1032113159, 9781032113159, 978-1032113135, 9781032113135, B0B6GP8LGC

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English | 2023 | PDF | 5 MB | 255 Pages

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Psychoanalysis and Literary Theory  introduces the key concepts, figures and movements of both  psychoanalytic theory and the history of literary criticism and theory,  engaging with Freud, Zizek, Plato, posthumanism, and beyond.

Divided  into two parts - concepts and movements – the structure of the book is  clear and accessible. Each chapter builds upon the one before, allowing  the reader to progress from little or no background in psychoanalysis,  philosophy, or literary theory to the ability to engage actively with  the relatively sophisticated ideas presented in later sections of the  work. Mathew R. Martin consistently directs attention to the task of  interpreting texts by illustrating abstract theoretical points with  literary texts and at apposite moments provides brief readings of  selected texts.

This book will be essential reading  for academics and students of psychoanalytic studies, literary  criticism, and literary theory.