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Quality Improvement: A Guide for Integration in Nursing

Anita Finkelman, 2020030736, 9781284225051, 978-1284225051

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English | 2022 | EPUB, Converted PDF

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Quality Improvement A Guide for Integration in Nursing, Second Edition  is an integral resource for both nursing students and professionals.  Quality improvement is a crucial part of healthcare and one that nurses  are charged with implementing daily as they care for patients. This text  is completely focused on teaching the importance of QI through patient  care and error reduction. It also reinforces the concept that nurses in  all positions and healthcare settings must understand how QI works as  well as how to integrate it into their daily work to create and maintain  a culture of safety. Quality Improvement A Guide for Integration in  Nursing, Second Edition can be used broadly across nursing degree  programs and professional practice. It outlines the foundation for  quality improvement and features new advanced practice content  applicable for APNs and DNPs by moving beyond the basics throughout each  chapter. In addition, the author will release monthly QI-related  content via the Navigate Companion Website to keep up with current  trends and literature findings. Key Features: New QI responsibilities  section in each chapter will show how to apply QI content for three  roles: staff nurse, nurse manager, and advanced practice nurse/DNP Apply  CQI section at the end of each chapter includes activities, exemplars,  and evolving case studies to encourage further critical thinking Monthly  content updates covering the latest quality improvement news and  literature “Engaging Students in Quality Improvement” faculty  teaching/learning strategies