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Renormings in Banach Spaces: A Toolbox

Antonio José Guirao, Vicente Montesinos, Václav Zizler, 3031086546, 978-3031086540, 9783031086540, 978-3-031-08654-0, 978-3-031-08655-7

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This monograph presents an up-to-date panorama of the different techniques and results in the large field of renorming in Banach spaces and its applications. The reader will find a self-contained exposition of the basics on convexity and differentiability, the classical results in building equivalent norms with useful properties, and the evolution of the subject from its origin to the present days. Emphasis is done on the main ideas and their connections.

The book covers several goals. First, a substantial part of it can be used as a text for graduate and other advanced courses in the geometry of Banach spaces, presenting results together with proofs, remarks and developments in a structured form. Second, a large collection of recent contributions shows the actual landscape of the field, helping the reader to access the vast existing literature, with hints of proofs and relationships among the different subtopics. Third, it can be used as a reference thanks to comprehensive lists and detailed indices that may lead to expected or unexpected information.

Both specialists and newcomers to the field will find this book appealing, since its content is presented in such a way that ready-to-use results may be accessed without going into the details. This flexible approach, from the in-depth reading of a proof to the search for a useful result, together with the fact that recent results are collected here for the first time in book form, extends throughout the book. Open problems and discussions are included, encouraging the advancement of this active area of research.