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Resolving Critical Issues in Clinical Supervision: A Practical, Evidence-Based Approach

Derek L. Milne, Robert P. Reiser, 9781119812456, 978-1119812456, 1119812453, B0BVT4LVKL

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English | 2023 | PDF

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Address key challenges in clinical supervision with this comprehensive account of common critical issues faced by almost all practitioners

Clinical supervision is a crucial aspect of clinical practice across the health and social professions. It can directly impact patient outcomes, shape clinical careers, and generally enhance professional development more broadly. The relationship between a clinical supervisor and their supervisees is therefore a hugely important one, embedded within challenging health and social care settings, which produces unique and complex challenges, but for which little formal guidance exists.

Resolving Critical Issues in Clinical Supervision answers the need for guidance of this kind with a practical, accessible discussion of major challenges and their possible solutions, drawing on the best available evidence from research, expert consensus, and relevant theory. It provides dedicated advice for supervisors and supervisees, alongside suggestions for the clinical service managers and associated others who aim to resolve the most common critical issues. The result is an extensively researched and wide-ranging guide which promises to make sense of the main challenges, describe the best-available coping strategies, and thereby strengthen career-long clinical supervision.

Resolving Critical Issues in Clinical Supervision readers will also find:

  • Authors with decades of directly relevant clinical, research, and teaching experience
  • Dedicated treatment of the most common critical issues, such as unethical supervisory practices, ineffective treatment, and the role of organizational structure in undermining clinical supervision
  • An evidence-based approach that provides practical guidelines of relevance to many health and social care professions.

Resolving Critical Issues in Clinical Supervision is a valuable guide for both clinicians and service leaders looking to establish and maintain best practices in clinical supervision.