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Revisional and Reconstructive Surgery of the Foot and Ankle, Thomas Zgonis, Thomas S. Roukis, 978-1975160821, 9781975160821, 1975160827, B09V1P818Z

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زبان کتاب: انگلیسی
فرمت فایل: EPUB + Converted PDF
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Comprehensive  and highly illustrated, Revisional and Reconstructive Surgery of the  Foot and Ankle is a problem-based guide for both orthopaedic and  podiatric foot and ankle surgeons who perform revision surgeries for  complications resulting from foot and ankle procedures. Edited by Dr.  Thomas Zgonis, author of the well-regarded Surgical Reconstruction of  the Diabetic Foot and Ankle, along with co-editor Dr. Thomas S. Roukis,  this up-to-date reference provides authoritative, easy-to-follow  guidance from recognized experts in the field