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River and Coastal Engineering: Hydraulics, Water Resources and Coastal Engineering

Ramakar Jha, V. P. Singh, Vivekanand Singh, L. B. Roy, Roshni Thendiyath, 9783031050565, 9783031050572, 978-3031050565, 978-3031050572

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This book deals with important topics of current interest, such as  climate change, floods, drought, and hydrological extremes. The impact  of climate change on water resources is drawing worldwide attention in  these days; water resources in many countries are already stressed and  climate change along with burgeoning population, rising standard of  living, and increasing demand are adding to the stress. Further, river  basins are becoming less resilient to climatic vagaries. Fundamental to  addressing these issues is hydrological modelling which is covered in  these books. Further, integrated water resources management is vital to  ensure water and food security. Integral to the management is  groundwater and solute transport. The books encompass tools that will be  useful to mitigate the adverse consequences of natural disasters.

This  book is useful for those working in river and coastal engineering.  River Engineering is important for fluvial hydraulics, sediment  transport, morphometry, desilting, trap efficiency, silting and  desilting process. Coastal engineering includes storm surge forecast,  optimization of harbour, wave modelling, and shoreline changes.