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Sandy Beaches as Endangered Ecosystems: Environmental Problems and Possible Assessment and Management Solutions

Sílvia Correia Gonçalves Fernandes, Susana Margarida de Freitas Ferreira, 0367147491, 9780367147495, 978-0367147495

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English | 2021 | PDF | زمان تحویل: 1 تا 8 ساعت

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Sandy beaches are the most abundant coastal environment worldwide, and have an undeniable and unique ecological value. Presently, however, these environments are also one of the most endangered ecosystems, namely due to the influence of several human activities and to the rise of the sea level, aggravated by the ongoing global climatic changes. In Sandy Beaches as Endangered Ecosystems, contributing authors from around the world highlight the environmental problems that endanger these delicate systems worldwide, and point out management and conservation strategies, with case studies where environmental disturbances were assessed and monitored