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SAP Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management: A Guide to Implement, Integrate, and Deploy EPPM Solutions

Joseph Alexander Soosaimuthu, 1484278623, 9781484278628, 978-1484278628

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English | 2022 | EPUB, Converted PDF

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Learn the fundamentals of SAP Enterprise Project and Portfolio  management Project Systems (PS), Portfolio and Project Management (PPM)  and Commercial Project Management (CPM) and their integration with other  SAP modules. This book covers various business scenarios from different  industries including the public sector, engineering and construction,  professional services, telecom, mining, chemical, and pharmaceutical.
 Author Joseph Alexander Soosaimuthu will help you understand common  business challenges and pain areas faced in portfolio, program and  project management, and will provide suitable recommendations to  overcome these challenges. This book not only suggests solutions within  SAP, but also provides workarounds or integrations with third-party  tools based on various Industry-specific business requirements.

SAP  Portfolio and Project Management addresses commonly asked questions  regarding SAP EPPM implementation and deployment, and conveys a  framework to facilitate engagement and discussion with key stakeholders.  This provides coverage of SAP on-premise solutions with ECC 6.08 and  SAP PPM 6.1 deployed on the same client, as well as S/4 HANA On-Premise  2020 with integration to BPC and BI/W systems. Interface with other  third-party schedule management, estimation, costing and forecasting  applications are also covered in this book.

After completing SAP  Portfolio and Project Management, you will be able to implement SAP  Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management based on industry best  practices. For your reference, you’ll also gain a list of development  objects and a functionality list by Industry, and a Fiori apps list for  Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management (EPPM).

What You Will Learn

Understand  the fundamentals of project, program and portfolio management within  SAP EPPMMaster the art of project forecasting and scheduling  integrations with other SAP modulesGain knowledge of the different  interface options for scheduling, estimation, costing and forecasting  third party applicationsLearn EPPM industry best practices, and how to  address industry-specific business challenges Leverage operational and  strategic reporting within EPPM

Who This Book For
Functional consultants and business analysts who are involved in SAP  EPPM (PS, PPM and CPM) deployment and clients who are interested and are  in the process of having SAP EPPM deployed for their Enterprise.