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SBAs for the FRCEM

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English | 2022 | PDF

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The Royal College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM) has implemented a new  2021 curriculum, with a new Single Best Answer (SBA) paper for the  fellowship examination. Featuring 200 Single Best Answer questions and  answers, this text is the first on the market to help prepare for this  new examination. Mapped to the curriculum, this book covers core areas  such as cardiology, environmental emergencies, mental health,  toxicology, trauma, resuscitation and quality improvement. All of the  answers are fully referenced to up-to-date guidelines and research, to  allow for further reading. This is an essential text for postgraduate  doctors in Emergency Medicine studying for the Fellowship of the Royal  College of Emergency Medicine (FRCEM) SBA examination.

The first revision guide on the market to support candidates through the new Single Best Answer FRCEM examination
Provides explanations and references for all answers, to help candidates consolidate their learning
Fully  referenced to up-to-date guidelines and research, to allow for further  reading, and laid out in question paper format, for ease of revision