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SeaOasis: Floating Aquaculture for Smallholders' Global Food Security

Joerg Baumeister, Ioana C. Giurgiu, 9811913722, 9789811913723, 978-981-19-1372-3, 978-981-19-1373-0

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English | 2023 | PDF

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This book highlights a research-based design proposal which has the purpose of relieving from lack of global food supply. Due to the current overuse of land, it suggests an extension of aquatic food production with floating devices onto the sea. These devices are called SeaOasis because they function as an oasis as closed-loop systems and are therefore highly sustainable.

Best geographic conditions for an extension from agriculture to aquaculture by SeaOasis match with coastal areas with serious or alarming hunger index. The low complexity, low-cost construction and the manageable size of the design is ideal for smallholders to support food security in terms of accessibility, affordability, and diversity of diet. Various configurations are described and coupled with expected revenues for potential seed-funded demonstration projects.

The book presents the entire process from problem statement to design development and the preparation of its implementation. It showcases therefore also the benefits of aquatectural design as an interdisciplinary combination of aquatic architectural design, marine engineering and biology, sociology and economy.