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SEATED STRENGTH TRAINING FOR SENIORS: Best Strength Exercises for Building Balance, Mobility and Flexibility, Reclaim Strength, fall prevention, Stamina and Rehabilitation

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Seated strength training exercises for  seniors are perfect for targeting the major muscles of the lower and  also the upper body. Performing these workouts will help you build  strength in these areas and get your hips, thighs, knees and feet in  good shape even helps you to Increase flexibility, Reclaim Strength,  fall prevention, Stamina and improve mobility of your legs among  seniors. This book is meant for elderly individuals who want or wish to  stay active in their exercises mostly at home to Build mobility and  flexibility, Balance, Stability, Prevent falls, and reclaim Strength.  These are kinds of exercises that are done while seated to workout both  your upper as well as the lower body which is beneficial for persons  with limited and restricted mobility.

A low-impact workout may be obtained by  stretching arms and legs while seated on a chair. This form of physical  exercise helps older individuals that have mobility or balance issues  while also improving its strength in the lower body for those with leg  pains.
Research study shows that nearly 65 percent of elderly persons  that is above the age of 60 starts to have difficulty moving around on  their own as well as find it so challenging to obtain even a little  amount of exercise during the day. Seated strength exercises are the  perfect replacement for regular exercises for seniors. These exercises  are straightforward to do.
People who are older than 65 years need to  engage in at least 150-300 minutes of physical intensity exercises each  week, as well as muscle-strengthening activities at least up to 2-5  times a week according to Research Institutes. In addition, studies show  that people between the age of 65 to 70 years above are at risk of  imbalance or fall and they should incorporate some form of balance  training into their exercise routine.

Seated strength exercises, according to  the Institute of Health and fitness for elderly individuals (IHFE),  gaining strength through exercises is quite effective for seniors when  done correctly, as they allow you to train all of your body's muscles.  The secret to a successful chair-based workout is to keep it simple and  also to Include exercises that engage as several muscle groups as  possible while enabling you to stay seated.

Frequent exercise (at least 35-60  minutes per day) can help an older adult's heart stay healthy while also  preventing strokes, heart problems, falls and imbalance, high blood  pressure, as well as chronic illnesses like dementia. Although not  everyone who is above the age of 60 or 75 years can move quickly or even  get out of their chair, this does not prevent them from exercising  while making use of a chair as a tool to exercise, you may undertake a  variety of routine activities.

When a senior make use of a normal chair, they can still get all of the aforementioned benefits.
As  we grow and become older in life, our body structure changes, as well  as our health status start declining naturally. However, elderly  individuals still need to get fit, stay in good shape, and also live  healthy lifestyles. Some of these workouts allow your pelvis, lower  back, hips, as well as abdominal muscles to work properly. This improves  your balance, posture, or even stability in everyday activities as well  as in the field of fitness exercise.

This book will help you to achieve the following in the shortest period of time:

  • Exercises that will improve your fitness for seniors.
  • Exercises for seniors that will improve mobility and flexibility.
  • No-equipment exercises except resistance band and dumbbell.
  • Building strong core muscles, balance, and prevent falling among older individuals.
  • Exercises for elderly people.
  • Exercises to boost your Muscles, Health Fitness, and Reclaim your body balance or posture back.