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Simple Stretching Exercises: Stretching workouts to increase flexibility, balance and get rid of body aches

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English | 2022 | EPUB, Converted PDF

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Stretch your way to total body fitness with this simple guide.

Most  people, even regular workout junkies forget to do stretches.  Consequently, they lose out of all the benefits a good stretch provides.  

This book has  been written to help you see the important of incorporating stretching  exercises in your routine. Not just that, it contains practical stretch  exercises that will help relieve back pain, muscle weakness, stiffness,  sore joints, and related conditions.

Regardless  of your age, weight, fitness level or body type, the exercises in this  book are simple and versatile; tailored to produce optimum result as you  practice them regularly.

This  book is a practical guide to improving flexibility and wellbeing, with  practicable everyday stretching exercises for every part of your body.  In here, you will learn

  • What stretching is
  • The best time to do a stretching routine
  • Muscle stretches
  • How to perform stretching exercises at home
  • Safety tips while stretching
  • Benefits of stretching
  • Exercises to loosen chest muscles
  • Relieving tight hips with stretching exercises
  • Back and Spinal stretching workouts
  • And lots more

In  this book, you will learn about stretching routines for morning,  bedtime and other everyday activities and gain the confidence to live  your best life without the restrictions that back pain and other body  stiffness issues cause.