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Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms: Human Variation and a Coming Revolution in Biology and Medicine

Zuben E. Sauna, Chava Kimchi-Sarfaty, 3031056140, 9783031056147, 978-3031056147

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This book explores the importance of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms  (SNPs) in biomedical research. As SNP technologies have evolved from  labor intensive, expensive, time-consuming processes to relatively  inexpensive methods, SNP discovery has exploded. In terms of human  biology, this research, particularly since the completion of the Human  Genome Project, has provided a detailed understanding of evolutionary  forces that have generated SNPs. It also has shown how SNPs shape human  variation. The ability to inexpensively generate and analyze vast  amounts of genetic data is poised to transform our understanding of  human evolution and biology. “Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms” covers a  broad  survey of SNPs and their classification into synonymous and  non-synonymous; the role of SNPs in human disease; case studies  providing specific examples of synonymous and non-synonymous SNPs  associated with human diseases or affecting therapeutic interventions;  mechanisms by which synonymous mutations affect protein levels or  protein folding which affect human physiology and response to therapy;  and the role of SNPs in personalized medicine. Understanding what SNPs  are, how they have been shaped is necessary for an increasingly  expanding audience. This research will revolutionize the future of  medicine.