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Small Animal Surgical Emergencies 2nd Edition, Lillian R. Aronson, 1119658535, 978-1119658535, 9781119658535, 9781119658610, 9781119658627

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A comprehensive and up-to-date guide in emergency surgical intervention for veterinary professionals

Small Animal Surgical Emergencies, Second Edition continues to be an important resource focusing on surgical emergencies, combining the work of surgical specialists and critical care specialists, and filling a void in educating and informing veterinarians.

The new edition of this book provides updated information on an array of topics such as preoperative stabilization, new and innovative treatment options, and aftercare. Each chapter covers step-by-step information on emergency stabilization, diagnostic approach, operative techniques, postoperative care, common complications encountered in each case, and how to troubleshoot any such complication should they occur. It also offers simplified surgical techniques to ensure success and describes new and novel procedures throughout

The Second Edition of Small Animal Surgical Emergencies features
    Nine new chapters covering operating room nursing tips, rectal prolapse, colonic torsion, surgical intervention post celiotomy, assisted enteral feeding tubes, open chest CPR, managing complications of skin flaps and grafts, incisional infection, and joint luxations
    Many chapters are written in collaboration by experts in small animal surgery and critical care, combining these practices in one important resource
    Relevant anatomy, imaging, and full-color illustrations and drawings incorporated into each chapter
    Inclusion of case presentations, when relevant

An important tool for small animal general practitioners, veterinary surgeons, critical care specialists, as well as veterinary nurses and operating room technicians, Small Animal Surgical Emergencies, Second Edition is a crucial resource for this constantly evolving branch of veterinary medicine