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Spice Bioactive Compounds: Properties, Applications, and Health Benefits

Sajad Ahmad Wani, Ajay Singh, Pradyuman Kumar, B0BFZTG9TF, 1032062916, 9781032062914, 9781000618747, 9781000618754, 978-1032062914, 978-1000618747, 978-1000618754

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English | 2022 | PDF

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Nature  offers us spices, which are a significant part of healthy and  nutritious foods. The presence of abundant bioactive compounds in these  spices makes them interesting from a scientific and health perspective.  Extracts obtained from spice materials possess many health benefits and  are rich sources of antioxidants, which suppress reactive oxygen  species.

Spice Bioactive Compounds: Properties, Applications, and Health Benefits collects such information together in one book, presenting all  necessary features related to spices and their properties. Exploring the  most recent research related to the extraction, isolation,  encapsulation, identification, and characterization of bioactive  compounds present in spices, this book also covers the health element of  spices and its utilization as a treatment for various disorders.

Key Features:

  • Discusses about 14 different spices and their salient features
  • Presents the novel technologies used in the extraction, isolation, and identification of bioactive compounds from spices
  • Explores the utilization of spices for culinary use in food 

Industries  such as the food and pharmaceutical industries have great interest in  the use of bioactive compounds for the production of drugs and  functional foods. Written by experts in their field, this book will be  useful to anyone in either industry, as well as those who have an  interest in the use of such bioactive compounds for the production of  drugs and functional foods.