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Spinning Bar Reflex Training: For Boxing, Martial Arts, and Fitness

Chuck Callaway, 979-8838736604, 9798838736604, B0B5BBXX3H, B0B4KT4TKB

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English | 2022 | EPUB, Converted PDF | 40 MB

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The Spinning Bar, or reflex trainer is a  fantastic training tool for developing your fighting skills. It is also  one of the only solo training tools that can hit you back! Variations  of the spinning bar have been sold commercially for some time now, but  there are very few sources available on how to properly use one for  training. In this book, the author, Chuck Callaway provides you with a  straightforward system to incorporate the spinning bar into your martial  arts, boxing, or fitness routine. Topics covered include getting  started, parts of the spinning bar, variations, the three primary  methods of moving the spinning bar, the snapping motion with practical  application, safety considerations, visualization, twenty exercises for  the spinning bar, rolling with application, mixing up your training,  developing free flow on the spinning bar, methods of working out,  weapons training on the spinning bar, and more. With hundreds of  photographs, this book will provide you with a proven path to improve  your reflexes, speed, timing, fitness, and fighting skills on the  spinning bar.