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دانلود کتاب تمرینات قدرتی: برای مردان و زنان بالای 50 سال، سلامتی و تناسب اندام خود را به دست آورید، چربی خود را کاهش دهید، و عضله بسازید (زندگی پس از 50 سالگی)

Strength Training: For Men and Women Over 50, Reclaim Your Health & Fitness, Lose Fat, Get Toned & Build Muscle (Life After 50), Alicia Diaz, Lee Davidson, B09PM9D7MH, 979-8795282053, 9798795282053, B09PHG5HVK, 979-8795981796, B09PRNBQ15, 9798795981796

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It’s true what they say… that the real fun starts at 50. Don’t settle for anything less. The human body was designed for lifelong movement. There’s a lot of life left after 50, and even more when you’re fit and strong
Discover the benefits of strength training after 50. Maybe you’re new to it, or maybe you’re experienced. It doesn’t matter, here we teach you how to get at it without the risk of injuring yourself.
“Strength training BEFORE 50 will make you fit and strong, but strength training AFTER 50 will downright change your life.”
Here’s what you really want: To be physically fit, healthy, active, toned, or muscular, and that your body melts fat at an appropriate rate. This is the time to kickstart your journey back to health! We all want to stay fit, young, and flexible, but there are things in our life after five decades that don’t come as easy as they used to.
We don’t sugarcoat anything here in this book. Staying fit and strong after fifty is hard work. This is not a magic pill or even a magic book full of tricks and secrets. What you’ll find here is a guide that was exclusively written for the 50+ crowd. Simple as that
This book was not written to overwhelm you with rules and regulations, strict regimes or anything that will stress you out There’s no reason to panic. We’ve been there, we had to fight hard to get our health back, and now we wouldn’t trade it for anything! You have every opportunity to turn your life around
In the bookSTRENGTH TRAINING, you'll discover how to
Strengthen your muscles and eliminate aches and pains
Stay fit and healthy by following proven workout routines
Maintain a healthy weightand boost your energy levels
Develop quicker recovery time from injury and illness
Improve your postureand reduceaches and pains
Enjoy stress-free day-to-day living and relieve tension
Optimize your immune system and eliminate stress
Improve your flexibility and increase your range of motion
Play your favorite sports at a higher competitive level
and much more
The first few chapters were written to help you better understand your current needs as it relates to your physical health and wellness. It doesn’t’ matter if you’ve never been involved in sports. It doesn’t matter if you've never been athletic. You can still become the fittest you’ve ever been. Thousands of people in their 50’s have decided to take back their health. They’re living their best lives by understanding the benefits. You can be one of them

1. Staying Strong After 50
2. The Benefits of Strength Exercises
3. Send Those Aches and Pains Packing
4. Why Core Strength is a Priority
5. Strength Training at Home
6. Strength Training with Equipment
7. Strength Training at the Gym
8. Warming Up For Your Routine
9. The 20-Minute Workout
10. The 40-Minute Workout
11. The 60-Minute Workout
12. Staying Fit & Healthy, Long Term
Our Final Word