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Substance and Non-Substance Related Addictions: A Global Approach

Evaristo Akerele, 3030848337, 9783030848330, 978-3030848330

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This book reviews the myriad of elements that layer substance abuse  disorder, a significant public health issue. It addresses the strong  stigma associated with the disease, particularly in regard to the doctor  patient relationships.  

The book begins by explaining the  importance of integrating psychiatric and substance use disorder  treatment by demonstrating the efficacy of this treatment model.  Subsequent to this are chapters dedicated to specific addiction  disorders, including cocaine, opioids, gambling, food, and sex  addictions. Chapters also examine how addiction can differ among various  neurobiological, genetic, socioeconomic, and age demographics. The book  closes with histories, policies, and modalities of drug use which serve  as a key component to building a foundation for effective and ethical  health policy.
Written by international experts in addiction  psychiatry, Substance and Non-Substance Related Addictions: A Global  Approach is a valuable resource for all practitioners seeking to expand  their knowledge of addiction medicine.