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Sustainable Microbial Technologies for Valorization of AgroIndustrial Wastes

Jitendra Kumar Saini, Surender Singh, Lata Nain, 9781032042695, 9781032042749, 9781003191247, 978-1032042695, 978-1032042749, 978-1003191247

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This book provides an overview of the different aspects of microbial  bioconversion methodologies for valorization of underutilized wastes of  varied nature. It covers microbiological/biotechnological aspects,  environmental concerns, bioprocess development, scale-up aspects,  challenges, and opportunities in microbial valorization at commercial  scale. It explains sustainable microbiological processes for  bioconversion and valorization of the wastes for production of various  products of commercial interests, including biofuels, bioenergy, and  other platform chemicals.

The book
• presents potential biotechnological topics and strategies for the valuation of agricultural waste materials;
• provides technical concepts on the production of various commercially significant bioproducts;
•  introduces various microbial bioprocesses to sustainably valorize  various potential wastes as renewable feedstocks for production of  biofuels and biochemicals;
• explores the relevant scale-up opportunities, commercialization aspects, and critical technological advances; and
• explains concepts and recent trends in life cycle analyses in waste valorization.

It  is aimed at researchers and graduate students in bioengineering,  biochemical engineering, microbial technology/microbiology,  environmental engineering, and biotechnology.