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Symptom to Diagnosis: An Evidence Based Guide

Fourth Edition 4th Edition, Scott Stern, Adam Cifu, Diane Altkorn, 1260121119, 978-1260121117, 9781260121117, B07Z496W6X

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English | 2020 | PDF | 25 MB | 625 Pages

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Symptom to Diagnosis, Fourth Edition teaches an evidence-based, step-by-step process for evaluating,  diagnosing, and treating patients based on their clinical complaints. By  applying this process clinicians will be able to recognize specific  diseases and prescribe the most effective therapy.
Each chapter  is built around a common patient complaint that illustrates essential  concepts and provides insight into the process by which the differential  diagnosis is identified.  As the case progresses, clinical reasoning is  explained in detail. The differential diagnosis for that particular  case is summarized in tables that highlight the clinical clues and  important tests for the leading diagnostic hypothesis and alternative  diagnostic hypotheses. As the chapter progresses, the pertinent diseases  are reviewed. Just as in real life, the case unfolds in a stepwise  fashion as tests are performed and diagnoses are confirmed or refuted.
Completely  updated to reflect the latest research in clinical medicine, this  fourth edition is enhanced by algorithms, summary tables, questions that  direct evaluation, and an examination of recently developed diagnostic  tools and guidelines. Clinical pearls are featured in every chapter.  Coverage for each disease includes: Textbook Presentation, Disease  Highlights, Evidence-Based Diagnosis, and Treatment.