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Techniques for Searching, Parsing, and Matching

Alberto Pettorossi, 3030631885, 9783030631888, 978-3030631888

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English | 2022 | PDF

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In this book the author presents some techniques for exploring trees and  graphs. He illustrates the linear search technique and the backtracking  technique, and as instances of tree exploration methods he presents  various algorithms for parsing subclasses of context-free languages. He  also illustrates some tree and graph exploration and manipulation  methods by presenting, among others, algorithms for visiting trees,  evaluating Boolean expressions, proving propositional formulas,  computing paths in graphs, and performing string matching.
This book  has been used for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses on  automata and formal languages, and assumes some prior exposure to the  basic notions in that area. Sample programs are presented in Java and  Prolog.