In the name of of Allah the Merciful

Technological Innovations for Effective Pandemic Response

Harish Hirani, 9781032312187, 9781032362939, 9781003331179, 978-1032312187, 978-1032362939, 978-1003331179

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This reference text discusses the potential of efficient R&D  management during times of pandemic crisis and how it can provide  time-bound real-life deliverables to ward-off the contamination-linked  vulnerability aspects of social interaction.

It discusses  important topics including mechanical ventilator with oxygen enrichment,  hospital waste management facility, hospital care assistive robotic  devices, implementation of smart manufacturing, special purpose  machines, micro machining, 3D printing, disposal of plastic waste  utilizing high temperature plasma, automatic biomass briquetting plant,  and fully automatic biodiesel plant.


Discusses novel technological innovations developed especially to effectively counter pandemics such as COVID 19.
Explores how R&D modelling of technology can be interspersed with socio-economic values.
Covers  how innovative technological solutions can be developed as per the  situational requisites and deployed in the least possible time to make  maximum impact.
Discusses industrial manufacturing and automation techniques.
The  text will be useful for graduate students, and academic researchers  working in diverse areas such as mechanical engineering, industrial  engineering, production engineering, manufacturing science, and  automobile engineering. It covers influences of Pandemics on water and  sanitation services, floating capsule-based biofilm reactor (FCBBR)  methodology, and innovative segregation of waste through a mechanized  model.