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The Chemistry and Biology of Beta-Lactams

Zerong Wang, 9781774911723, 9781774911716, 9781003330288, 978-1-77491-171-6, 978-1-77491-172-3, 978-1-00333-028-8, 978-1774911716, 177491171X, B0BX7RG6PN

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English | 2023 | PDF

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This new volume provides the most updated information about beta-lactams relating to both the pharmaceutical industry and synthetic chemistry. It provides the antibiotic activities as well as chemical reactivities of beta-lactams, which are important because they are commonly applied as antibiotics in the treatment of bacterial infections. The volume provides comprehensive coverage of most of the known beta-lactam antibiotics with both structural and biological information, antibiotic mechanisms, self-defense mechanisms of bacteria, nearly all known synthetic methods for the preparation of beta-lactams, and possible reactions in which beta-lactams can participate.

Key features:

  • Provides the most comprehensive collection of beta-lactam antibiotics (up to 269 molecules) with chemical structures, CAS number, IUPAC names and associated biological activities attached
  • Offers a comprehensive and detailed collection of beta-lactamase databases
  • Explains the self-defense mechanisms of bacteria for surviving, including the formation of biofilm and conversion into L-form and secretion of beta-lactamase to deactivate the beta-lactam antibiotics
  • Provides a comprehensive survey on the synthetic methods to make beta-lactams
  • Gives all of the possible reactions involving beta-lactams as the starting materials
  • Surveys over 1000 research works and includes all available DOI information

The volume is a valuable resource on the antibiotic activities as well as chemical reactivities of beta-lactams for researchers and scientists, faculty, and advanced students, as well as for industry professionals working in medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry, organic chemistry, organic synthesis, heterocycles, proteins and peptides.