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The Cloud Data Lake: A Guide to Building Robust Cloud Data Architecture

Rukmani Gopalan, Rachel Roumeliotis, Jill Leonard, Andy Kwan, 1098116585, 9781098116583, 978-1098116583

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English | 2023 | EPUB, Converted PDF

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More organizations than ever understand the importance of data  lake architectures for deriving value from their data. Building a  robust, scalable, and performant data lake remains a complex  proposition, however, with a buffet of tools and options that need to  work together to provide a seamless end-to-end pipeline from data to  insights. 

 This book provides a concise yet  comprehensive overview on the setup, management, and governance of a  cloud data lake. Author Rukmani Gopalan, product management leader at  Microsoft, guides data architects and engineers through the major  aspects of working with a cloud data lake, from design considerations  and best practices to data format optimizations, performance  optimization, cost management, and governance. 

  • Learn the benefits of a cloud-based big data strategy for your organization 
  • Get guidance and best practices for designing performant and scalable data lakes 
  • Examine architecture and design choices, and data governance principles and strategies 
  • Build a data strategy that scales as your organizational and business needs increase 
  • Implement a scalable data lake in the cloud 
  • Use cloud-based advanced analytics to gain more value from your data