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The Definitive Guide to Security in Jakarta EE: Securing Java-based Enterprise Applications with Jakarta Security, Authorization, Authentication and More

Arjan Tijms, Teo Bais, Werner Keil, 1484279441, 978-1484279441, 9781484279441, B09XWVMXDY, 978-1-4842-7944-1, 978-1-4842-7945-8

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English | 2022 | PDF

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Refer to this definitive and authoritative book to understand the Jakarta EE Security Spec, with Jakarta Authentication & Authorization as its underlying official foundation. Jakarta EE Security implementations are discussed, such as Soteria and Open Liberty, along with the build-in modules and Jakarta EE Security third-party modules, such as Payara Yubikey & OIDC, and OmniFaces JWT-Auth.
The book discusses Jakarta EE Security in relation to SE underpinnings and provides a detailed explanation of how client-cert authentication over HTTPS takes place, how certifications work,  and how LDAP-like names are mapped to caller/user names. General (web) security best practices are presented, such as not storing passwords in plaintext, using HTTPS, sanitizing inputs to DB queries, encoding output, and explanations of various (web) attacks and common vulnerabilities are included.
Practical examples of securing applications discuss common needs such as letting users explicitly log in, sign up, verify email safely, explicitly log in to access protected pages, and go direct to the log in page. Common issues are covered such as abandoning an authentication dialog halfway and later accessing protected pages again.

What You Will Learn
Know what Jakarta/Java EE security includes and how to get started learning and using this technology for today's and tomorrow's enterprise Java applications
Secure applications: traditional server-side web apps built with JSF (Faces) as well as applications based on client-side frameworks (such as Angular) and JAX-RS
Work with the daunting number of security APIs in Jakarta EE
Understand how EE security evolved

Who This Book Is For
Java developers using Jakarta EE and writing applications that need to be secured (every application). Basic knowledge of Servlets and CDI is assumed. Library writers and component providers who wish to provide additional authentication mechanisms for Jakarta EE also will find the book useful.