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The Far-Right Discourse of Multiculturalism in Intergroup Interactions: A Critical Discursive Perspective

Katarina Pettersson, Emma Nortio, 978-3-030-89066-7, 978-3-030-89065-0, 3030890651, 978-3030890650, 9783030890650, B09TSMRT6Y

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This book employs discursive psychology to examine how far-right discourse on issues related to multiculturalism is received, interpreted, adapted and contested in political rhetoric and informal talk.

It brings together the latest research from sociology and media studies concerning the circulation of far-right messages in the era of digitalization and the ‘hybrid media system’, and critical discursive psychology research into political and lay discourse pertaining to multiculturalism. Drawing on empirical material from the Nordic context allows for an analysis of political discourse within societies in which a strong tradition of social democratic welfare states now exists alongside the rise of populist and far-right parties. Operating in countries with comparatively high national internet and social media penetration, this book explores the extent to which the success of these parties is linked to their skilful use of social media, in order to mobilise popular support for their political agendas. 

The collection’s multilevel perspective aims to further the understanding of how the anti-immigration and anti-multiculturalist ideologies propagated by these parties contributes to the mainstreaming of their rhetoric among the political ‘elite’, as well as to the societal normalization of nationalist and xenophobic discourse. In doing so it will provide fresh insights for students and scholars of sociology, social psychology, discourse analysis, media and communication, and political science.