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The Great Power Competition, Volume 3: Cyberspace: The Fifth Domain

Adib Farhadi, Ronald P. Sanders, Anthony Masys, 3031045858, 9783031045851, 978-3031045851

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English | 2022 | PDF

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For millennia, humans waged war on land and sea. The 20th century opened  the skies and the stars, introducing air and space as warfare domains.  Now, the 21st century has revealed perhaps the most insidious domain of  all: cyberspace, the fifth domain. A realm free of physical boundaries,  cyberspace lies at the intersection of technology and psychology, where  one cannot see one’s enemy, and the most potent weapon is information.

The  third book in the Great Power Competition series, Cyberspace: The Fifth  Domain, explores the emergence of cyberspace as a vector for espionage,  sabotage, crime, and war. It examines how cyberspace rapidly evolved  from a novelty to a weapon capable of influencing global economics and  overthrowing regimes, wielded by nation-states and religious ideologies  to stunning effect.

Cyberspace: The Fifth  Domain offers a candid look at the United States’ role in cyberspace,  offering realistic prescriptions for responding to international cyber  threats on the tactical, strategic, and doctrinal levels, answering the  questions of how can we respond to these threats versus how should we  respond? What are the obstacles to and consequences of strategic and  tactical response options? What technological solutions are on the  horizon? Should the U.S. adopt a more multi-domain offensive posture  that eschews the dominant “cyber vs. cyber” paradigm? To answer these  questions, experts examine the technological threats to critical  infrastructure; cyber operations strategy, tactics, and doctrine;  information influence operations; the weaponization of social media; and  much more.