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The Gut Microbiome Bench to Table

Vivian C.H. Wu , 2022022597, 2022022598, 9781032295442, 9781032295435, 9781003302070, 978-1032295442, 978-1032295435, 978-1003302070,

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English | 2022 | PDF

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The influence of the gut microbiome on human health and disease has been  established in recent years through advances in high-throughput DNA  sequencing. The Gut Microbiome: Bench to Table presents a scientific  introduction to this topic, analyzes research on how the microbiome is  affected by nutrients, and how dietary modifications can alter the  microbiome.
The Gut Microbiome: Bench to Table is divided into three  sections. The first section details the current state of  laboratory-scale analysis of gut microbiome samples and how we can  identify the communities and their functional repertoire. Section II  explains the next phase of translational research models such as  preclinical, animal studies, proof of concept safety, and efficacy human  trials. The third section demonstrates the effectiveness of therapeutic  treatments in larger populations. It addresses how diet influences the  gut microbiome and presents an array of approaches that have been  reported, including a discussion of issues of the safety of probiotics  and selected supplements and micronutrients.
This book is essential  for clinicians, dietitians and food and nutrition professionals who wish  to have the most up-to-date knowledge on food sciences.