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The Impact Of Ash Deposition On Coal Fired Plants

Proceedings of the Engineering Foundation Conference Held at the St. John's Swallow Hotel, Solihull, England, Jim Williamson, B0BJ7X4NB2, 1560322934, 9781560322931, 9781351410274, 9781351410267, 978-1560322931, 978-1351410274, 978-1351410267

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Coal  provides almost 40% of the world's electricity, and despite the  understandable concern with respect to the environmental impact  associated with coal use, forecasts from the International Energy Agency  predict, that worldwide coal use will increase by up to 2% per annum  until the year 2OlO. Faced with this increase, it is clearly important  that the most efficient and environmentally acceptable clean coal  technologies are available. This book is comprised of the proceedings of  the Engineering Foundation Conference held in June 1993 in England. The  objective of the conference was to present ideas on methods of  predicting and reducing the effects of ash deposition in coal conversion  systems, highlighting the problems experienced in industry, considering  both utilities and industrial plants, and providing a view of the  technology of coal ash deposition and its impact. Better techniques are  needed to reduce the impact of ash deposition in coal fired plants, and  these proceedings should form a reference document for anyone either  experiencing slagging or actively engaged in trying to understand or  eliminate the phenomenon.