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The Liver in Systemic Disease: A Clinician's Guide to Abnormal Liver Tests

Gideon M. Hirschfield, Paramjit Gill, James Neuberger, 111980213X, 9781119802136, 978-1119802136

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English | 2023 | PDF

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The Liver in Systemic Disease
A practical guide for non-hepatologists who encounter abnormal liver test results in patients

The  Liver in Systemic Disease is an easy-to-use and authoritative guide for  non-hepatologist health care professionals who need guidance on the  management of patients with abnormal liver tests. The book provides  definitive advice for when further investigation, or changes in  management, are indicated.

With a practical focus throughout the  text, the editors explore when and how to investigate and manage  patients whose primary disease is non-hepatic, but whose liver tests are  unexpectedly abnormal. The Liver in Systemic Disease provides  substantial flow diagrams and advice on the process, together with  updates on the liver diseases non-hepatologists are most likely to  encounter.

Take-home primers included in the book shine a light  on best practice and recommended procedures when dealing with abnormal  liver test results. The book also provides:
A thorough introduction  to evaluate the liver, including serum liver tests, liver imaging, and  liver biopsy Comprehensive discussions of practical issues in patients  with liver abnormalities, including the diagnosis of drug induced liver  injury, prescribing in patients with abnormal liver tests, and more  Practical discussions of the management of patients with unexplained  abnormal liver tests in primary care In-depth examinations of secondary  care management of patients with unexplained abnormal liver tests,  including intensive care, and the care of infectious and  immunosuppressed patients
The Liver in Systemic Disease is an  indispensable resource for non-hepatologist medical practitioners  seeking to understand the implications of abnormal liver tests and who  wish to know when further investigation or alteration of management is  indicated.