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The Origins Of The First World War, by James Joll, Gordon Martel

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English | 2023 | PDF

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This thoroughly revised edition has been updated to incorporate recent  case studies, biographies, syntheses, journal articles and scholarly  conferences that appeared in conjunction with the centenary of the  outbreak of the First World War in 2014. The original version of this  work, published by James Joll in 1984, quickly became established as the  authoritative introduction to the subject of the war’s origins.  Significantly expanded by Gordon Martel in 2007, this volume continues  to offer a careful, clear, and comprehensive evaluation of the multitude  of explanations advanced to explain the causes of the cataclysm of  1914, addressing each of the major interpretive approaches to the  subject, with essay-like chapters addressing the alliance system,  militarism and strategy, the international economy, imperial rivalries,  the role of domestic politics and the ‘mood’ of 1914. This edition  offers an extensive new introduction, a new conclusion (including ‘ten  fateful choices’ that led to war), an entirely new chapter on the July  Crisis, and a vastly expanded Guide to Further Reading. Covering over a  century of controversy and scholarship, The Origins of the First World  War is a valuable resource for all students and scholars interested in  this major conflict.