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The Politics of EU Judicial Support after the Arab Spring: From Independence to Efficiency

Gaia Taffoni | 3030507750, 3030507726, 978-303050775, 978-3030507725, 978303050775, 9783030507725, B08GC74Y55

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This book explores the judicial transformations in the Southern Mediterranean region and the mechanisms that trigger these changes. It analyses judicial reforms in Jordan and Morocco in the context of the EU policies to promote and diffuse democratic principles and practices in the MENA region. Based on original empirical research, the book reports findings on how networks of actors involved in the implementation of programs funded by the EU handle policy ideas and interests, and by doing so influence policy outcomes. This study covers both the institutional and the organizational/managerial dimensions of justice, thus shedding light on the two most relevant and critical factors for innovations in the domain of justice.