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The Roman Emperor and his Court c. 30 BC–c. AD 300: Volume 1, Historical Essays

Benjamin Kelly, Angela Hug, 1316513211, 9781316513217, 978-1316513217

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English | 2023 | PDF

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At the centre of the Roman empire stood the emperor and the court  surrounding him. The systematic investigation of this court in its own  right, however, has been a relatively late development in the field of  Roman history, and previous studies have focused on narrowly defined  aspects or on particular periods of Roman history. This book makes a  major contribution to understanding the history of the Roman imperial  court. The first volume presents nineteen original essays covering all  the major dimensions of the court from the age of Augustus to the  threshold of Late Antiquity. The second volume is a collection of the  ancient sources that are central to studying that court. The collection  includes: translations of literary sources, inscriptions, and papyri;  plans and computer visualizations of archaeological remains; and  photographs of archaeologic sites and artworks depicting the emperor and  his court.