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The Technology of Pressurized Water Reactors: From the Nautilus to the EPR

Volume 1: History of PWRs and Primary Circuit, Serge Marguet, 9783030866372, 9783030866389, 9782743014292, 9783319595597, 9782743023096, 9782759823604, 978-3030866372, 978-3030866389, 978-2743014292, 978-3319595597, 978-2743023096, 978-2759823604

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This book offers a complete panorama of the pressurized water reactor  industry, beginning from its origin in the USA and the realization of  nuclear engines for naval propulsion, to its most recent developments in  the field of civil energy production, particularly in France with the  56 reactors of the multinational electric utility company, Electricité  de France (EDF). This comprehensive two-volume masterwork features  detailed descriptions of all the crucial components driving a  pressurized water nuclear reactor. Volume 1 deals with the main  components, such as the main primary circuit, the reactor core, and the  steam generators. Volume 2 covers the secondary circuit and the cold  source, including components such as the turbine, condenser, alternator,  transformers and power supply.

Written by Serge Marguet, a  leading specialist in reactor physics and author of several books on the  subject, this book draws on his experience of more than 35 years in  research and development at EDF, a global leader in civil nuclear  energy. Featuring a richly illustrated, full-color iconography, as well  as a detailed index and bibliography, The Technology of Pressurized  Water Reactors is an indispensable work for seasoned nuclear energy  professionals, as well as inquisitive newcomers to the field.