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The Veterinarian' s Guide to Animal Welfare

Bonnie Beaver, Gail Golab, 978-0-323-91018-7, 0323910181, 978-0323910187, 9780323910187, 9780323910194, B0BNKYYLVH

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English | 2023 | PDF

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The Veterinarian’s Guide to Animal Welfare provides an overview of various aspects of animal welfare that are particularly relative to the veterinary profession. The book explores various ways of viewing and assessing welfare, as well as the numerous factors that influence perceptions. Emphasis is placed on contemporary issues across, and within, major species groups. The book's authors are internationally known experts in the veterinary aspects of animal welfare and have written numerous articles on animal welfare, behavior, euthanasia and the human-animal bond.

This book is written for the veterinary profession and was designed to be used as a textbook for animal welfare courses at colleges and schools of veterinary medicine. It complements the Model Curriculum for the Study of Animal Welfare (AVMA 2015) and its attendant course syllabus. This is an important resource for graduate veterinarians seeking to improve their understanding of the numerous aspects of animal welfare.