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The Victimology of a Wrongful Conviction: Innocent Inmates and Indirect Victims

Kathryn M. Campbell, Margaret Pate, Nicky Ali Jackson, 0367637197, 0367639041, 978-0367637194, 9780367637194, 978-0367639044, 9780367639044, 978-1003121251, 9781003121251, B0B1P79ND8

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English | 2023 | PDF | 5 MB | 189 Pages

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This  book exposes the myriad of victims of wrongful conviction by going  beyond the innocent person who has been wrongfully incarcerated to  include the numerous indirect victims who suffer collaterally. In no way  overlooking the egregious effects on the wrongfully convicted, this  book widens the net to also examine consequences for family, friends,  co-workers, witnesses, the initial victims of the crime, and society in  general―all indirect victims who are often forgotten in treatments of  wrongful conviction. 

Utilizing interviews of  exonerees and indirect victims, the authors capture the tangible and  intangible costs of victimization across the board. The prison  experience is examined through the lens of an innocent person, and the  psychological impact of incarceration for the exoneree is explored.  Special attention is given to the often-ignored experience of female  exonerees and to the impact of race as a compounding factor in a vast  number of miscarriages of justice. The book concludes with an overview  of the victimization experiences that follow exonerees upon release. 

Unique  to this book is its interdisciplinary approach to the troubling subject  of wrongful conviction, combining perspectives from a number of fields,  including criminal justice, criminology, victimology, psychology,  sociology, social justice, history, political science, and law.  Undergraduate and graduate students in these disciplines will find this  book helpful in their respective areas of study, and professionals in  the legal system will benefit from appreciation of the far-reaching  costs of wrongful convictions.