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The Western Kingdom: The Birth of Cornwall

John Fletcher, 1803990007, 9781803990002, 978-1803990002

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English | 2023 | EPUB, Converted PDF

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Cornwall has long held a mysterious allure to visitors. At once part of England and yet utterly foreign too.

 This book is the first to explore the true origins, free from Arthurian  mythology, of this dichotomy. Just how did a kingdom of native  Romano-Britons hold out against the expanding power of the Saxon Kings  of Wessex and eventually secure their language, culture and heritage  into the modern day?

The answer is a tale that combines brutal  warfare with cunning diplomacy and trade as it winds from the 4th  century to 1066 and beyond, and one that shouts from the distant past  'Kernow bys Vyken' – Cornwall Forever.