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Third-Wave Cognitive Therapy for the Treatment of Loss and Grief: A Clinician's Guide

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This book proposes and explores a novel conceptualisation of the  grieving process grounded in evolutionary psychology that integrates  cognitive behavioural approaches such as compassion focused therapy,  metacognitive awareness, and acceptance and commitment therapy.

Starting  with an introduction of the historical and theoretical basis for the  Principles of Loss model, the book then outlines methods of assessment  and describes the processes of formulation and case conceptualisation,  with specific guidance on how to navigate these in the context of loss.  The book provides an in-depth exploration of the Five-Phase Principles  for the Treatment of Loss and Grief (intervention), as well as guidance  on the supervision of loss. The chapters, accompanied by case studies,  provide an overview of the novel model, followed by specific and  tailor-made guidance on assessment (including a novel self-report  measure), formulation, treatment, and supervision.

This guide is  intended for clinicians familiar with or interested in the theory and  practice of third-wave cognitive behavioural therapies.