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دانلود کتاب بیوانفورماتیک ترجمه ای در بهداشت و درمان و پزشکی

Translational Bioinformatics in Healthcare and Medicine, Khalid Raza, Nilanjan Dey, 323898246, ‎ 978-0323898249, 9780323898249, B095C185HZ

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Translational Bioinformatics in Healthcare and Medicine offers an overview of main principles of bioinformatics, biological databases, clinical informatics, health informatics, viroinformatics and real-case applications of translational bioinformatics in healthcare. Written by experts from both technology and clinical sides, the content brings together essential knowledge to make the best of recent advancements of the field.  The book discusses topics such as next generation sequence analysis, genomics in clinical care, IoT applications, blockchain technology, patient centered interoperability of EHR, health data mining, and translational bioinformatics methods for drug discovery and drug repurposing. In addition, it discusses the role of bioinformatics in cancer research and viroinformatics approaches to counter viral diseases through informatics.  This is a valuable resource for bioinformaticians, clinicians, healthcare professionals, graduate students and several members of biomedical field who are interested in learning more about how bioinformatics can impact in their research and practice