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Utilization of Waste Biomass in Energy, Environment and Catalysis

Dan Bahadur Pal, Pardeep Singh, 1032051620, 9781032051628, 978-1032051628

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English | 2022 | PDF

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Biomass finds its application as feedstock to produce biofuels and other  value-added products, which finds usage in energy and environmental  areas with particular focus on bio-energy production from different  biomass and high-volume medium-value industrial products. This book  investigates problems of controlled synthesis of these materials and the  effect of their morphological, physical, and chemical characteristics  on their adsorption or desorption capacity and recent progress in green  catalysts derived from biomass for various catalytic applications.  Socio-economic impacts on environment and climate regarding waste  biomass are discussed as well.


Covers recent progress on green catalysts derived from biomass.
Explores the biomass conversion to different resources.
Introduces the utilization of bio-waste in environmental aspects.
Discusses the biomass applications in different types of energy.
Proposes microbial waste biomass as a resource of Renewable Energy.
This  book aims at Professionals, Senior undergraduate students in  Environmental Sciences, Energy Studies, Environmental and Chemical  Engineering.