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Valuation and Volatility: Stakeholder's Perspective

Dinabandhu Bag, 9811611343, 978-9811611346, B09T2PL1NW, 978-981-16-1135-3, 978-981-16-1134-6

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This textbook provides a first-hand account of impact of volatility on valuations. It focuses on valuation of the investment with fair, practical and insightful explanations. Volatility in markets can form the foundation of fair value. A marginal change in volatility has a significant impact on the effective cost of borrowing (capital). Portfolio managers, fund managers and corporates continue to watch as prices plunge due to volatility and can impose future restrictions on their skillful maneuver. The book highlights the approaches, design of tests, comparison and matching or making of models. It delves into techniques for measuring the contours and boundaries of risk and translating the losses to end impact. It explains the post facto and post period nuances to recover from money loss.  The book further elaborates combining positions and hedging, to evaluate and choose to conduct tests of effectiveness. It provides guidance on benchmarks of portfolios, tax implications and carrying forward benefits of losses. The text includes examples and business use cases that build on analysis, common tools and highlights the end use of volatility for stakeholders.