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Varney’s Midwifery

Mary C. Brucker, Cecilia Jevitt, Tekoa L. King, Kathryn Osborne, 9781284127966, 1284127966, 978-1284127966

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English | 2019 | PDF

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Varney's Midwifery, Sixth Edition is the gold standard for midwifery  practice. Completely updated and revised, this text reflects current  evidence-based guidelines. The Sixth Edition addresses care of women  throughout the lifespan, including primary care, gynecology, maternity  care in a variety of settings, and newborn care. It also provides new  content on social determinants of health, the changing face of the  population, and the population that midwives serve. With chapters  written by expert midwives with an emphasis on anatomy, physiology, and  normal physiologic processes, this text will assist students and  midwives in providing healthcare services today. Chapter appendices  present essential skills that are designed to help students, midwives,  and international readers learn skills that are core components of  midwifery practice.

Part I Midwifery: With Introduction by Holly Powell Kennedy
Chapter 1 History of Midwifery in the United States: Anne Z. Cockerham
Evolution of Nurse-Midwifery's Professional Image and Organization
Evolution of Legal Practice Authority for Nurse-Midwives
Evolution of the Midwifery Scope of Practice
Caring for Underserved Populations
Place of Birth
 Nurse-Midwife/Physician Collaboration: Opportunities and Challenges.  Documenting the Outcomes of Midwifery Care and Midwifery  ResearchNurse-Midwifery Education
Chapter 2 Professional Midwifery Today: Deanne R. Williams
The Profession of Midwifery
Types of Midwives
Core Competencies
Hallmarks of Midwifery
Licensure and Regulation
Code of Ethics
Midwives in the United States
Scope of Practice
Practice Patterns
Other Roles for the Modern Midwife
Midwifery as a Worldwide Profession
 References. Appendix 2A Worksheet for Engaging in Global Midwifery:  Joyce E. ThompsonChapter 3 Midwifery: Clients, Context, and Care: Jyesha  Wren Serbin, Simon Adriane Ellis, Elizabeth Donnelly, and Kim Q. Dau  with Betty Jane Watts Carrington, Heather Clarke, Carolyn Curtis,  Nicolle L. Gonzales, Patricia O. Loftman, Felina M. Ortiz, M. Susan  Stemmler, and Karline Wilson-Mitchell
Social Structure: Power, Privilege, and Bias
Social Determinants of Health and Health Disparities
Socioeconomic Status
Racial Disparities
Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
Gender-Based Violence. Techniques and Tools to Address Health Disparities in Midwifery PracticeConclusion
Appendix 3A Reproductive Health Statistics: Mary C. Brucker, and Tekoa L. King
Part II Midwives as Primary Care Providers: With Introduction by Lisa L. Paine
Chapter 4 Introduction to the Care of Women: Jan M. Kriebs
Midwife Means "With Woman"
Approaching the Woman
Collecting the Health History
The Physical Examination
In-Office Laboratory Testing
Establishing a Differential Diagnosis: Making an Assessment
Designing a Plan
References. Appendix 4A Standard Precautions: Jan M. KriebsAppendix 4B Collecting a Health History: Jan M. Kriebs
Appendix 4C The Physical Examination: Jan M. Kriebs
Appendix 4D Breast Examination: Jan M. Kriebs
Appendix 4E Pelvic Examination: Jan M. Kriebs
 Appendix 4F Collecting Urinary, Vaginal, Cervical, and Rectal Specimens  for Testing and Interpretation of Saline and KOH Slides: Jan M. Kriebs
Chapter 5 Health Promotion Across the Lifespan: Kathryn Osborne
Health Promotion: Primary Prevention
Evidence-Based Counseling Interventions